Huge kite attracts attention at Bush Lot

This huge eight-foot. kite, created by Shazaad Mohood, 29, of Bush Lot Village, West Coast Berbice, was the centre of attention on Easter Monday.

It was the largest at a fun day in the village, organized by family members of Jumbo Jet Auto Sales. Many persons were fascinated with the huge kite that soared for several hours.

That was not the first time that he made one of that size and said this year he thought there would have been a competition.

Shazaad Mohood, his wife Reshma and their five-month-old baby along with two friends, Ansar and Nicky pose with the kite before taking sending it up in the air.

He was not disappointed though as he and his family and friends as well as other patrons enjoyed flying it.

Mohood, who designs kites every year to sell, said it took him just one hour to complete the humongous one. He would also make a unique “umbrella” design every year but it “takes a lot of time…”


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