Seminar on domestic violence held in Region Five

At a seminar aimed at forming a group to eradicate domestic violence (DV) in Region Five, participants were told that “even one case is too much” and that everyone should get involved in the fight.

Aggrey Azore and Indra Ramcharran of the Human Services ministry speaking to participants

At the seminar held at the regional boardroom at Fort Wellington on Wednesday, senior Probation & Social Services officer, Dollette Nicholson said the group would work with the social workers and the police to help deal with the problem.

Child Care & Protection officer, Gloria Davidson who chaired the event, told the female participants that DV is everybody’s business and urged them to “report anything suspicious” especially if lives are in danger.

Sergeant Cynthia Kelly of the Fort Wellington Police Station who shared the laws of DV, said over 50 cases have been reported in West Berbice so far for this year. All of the matters have been taken to court.

The sessions were also facilitated by Aggrey Azore and Indra Ramcharran of the Minis-try of Human Services.

At the opening session, Regional chairman, Bindrabhan Bisnauth gave assurance that his administration would always be “willing to lend a helping hand.”

He also mentioned an incident where police were stoned while investigating a domestic violence case and were almost doused with corrosive substance.He said the region has had cause to intervene in some instances and that regional officials would “try at all levels to eradicate all types of violence. Our administration is also working closely with the police.”

Dr. Mujahid Ghazi of Chicago, who also gave brief remarks, said many times cases would be reported but the victims would refuse to go forward…

According to him, studies have found that in America more men are being abused. He also said he worked with many shelters and organizations in the USA and that parental abuse is also a big issue.

Also making brief remarks were Zulaika Ishawk, a representative of the Women’s Affair’s Committee of Region Five and nurse Vidia Ragubeer who represented the regional health department.


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