Women screened for cancer in West Berbice

Over 60 West Berbice women were screened for cervical and breast cancer when the Cancer Institute of Guyana (CIG) in collaboration with the Anamayah Memorial Hospital (AMH) provided free testing and awareness.

The event, organized by the National Islamic Sisters’ Association (NISA) in Region Five, was held at the Blairmont Estate Ground and was conducted by Dr. Mujahid Ghazi of Chicago.

Dr. Mujahid Ghazi treating a mother and her two children








High risk women were selected for the screening while a few men were screened for prostate cancer. Persons also benefitted from free blood pressure testing, physical examinations and consultations.

The women said they always wanted to undergo the screening and were grateful that the service was provided to them free of cost.

Dr. Ghazi, a physician, social activist, freelance journalist and broadcaster, told persons at the event that if common cancers are diagnosed early they can be treated or confined.

He noted that there is a “higher incidence of breast and cervical cancers in Guyanese women, more than anywhere in the world and there is also a considerable rise in prostate cancer in men.”

He is at present heading the cervical cancer awareness and screening campaign in regions one and 10 and has been recognized for similar work globally.

He would be spearheading similar campaigns that the CIG in partnership with the AMH would be conducting in other parts of Berbice.


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