Shieldstown Primary girl tops Region Five at Grade Six exams

Grace EtwaruTopping Region Five at this year’s National Grade Six Exams with 518 marks was no surprise for 12-year-old Grace Etwaru of Rosignol Primary School on the West Bank of Berbice.

In fact, her dream was to be among the top 1% in the country and she was quite elated that “I did it!” She studied hard but still found the time to play her favourite game of cricket. She also loves to read.

Residing at Shieldstown, she was very excited and told this reporter “I worked hard and it has really paid off.” She promised to continue to excel.

The petite Etwaru spoke boldly and confidently and expressed thanks “to God first and to my teachers for helping and my parents for being so supportive.”

She turned 12 last week and said she got the best birthday present ever, referring to her results.

Her teacher, Kelvin Lewis said Etwaru was always a top performer and he “expected her to do well but not to top the region,” let alone being among the top in the country.

The Headmistress of the school first heard the good news on the radio  and shared it with the excited teachers and students.


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