Woodley Park scrap iron dealer clearing area following arrest

A scrap metal dealer of Woodley Park, West Coast Berbice was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly abusing regional officials who asked him to clear up the area.

The man was released on station bail the following day and has since started to remove some of the items.

Residents had told this reporter that the materials were not just an eyesore but they were blocking the drains and were hazardous to their health and well-being.

The huge piles of scrap materials in the area







The items also posed a danger to schoolchildren who were climbing on a 40-ft container that the man had placed in front of the Woodley Park Primary School and rocking it. The container was said to be “leaning on one side.”

Reports are that the problem on Wednesday was sparked following a visit by the deputy Regional Executive Officer, Govind Singh and other officials who gave the man a notice to clear the area.

Residents had become concerned for the children’s safety and brought it to the attention of regional officials, urging them to take urgent actions.

The officers gave the man a notice to remove the container as well as scrap metals and other materials that were scattered all over.

According to a source, he refused and was allegedly very aggressive, telling the officials that he did not have any time with them and that he knew “bigger ones.”

Residents were relieved that the man has started to clear and area and had been making plans to remove the container from in front of the school over the weekend.

Meanwhile, residents had said that they were fed-up with their surroundings being infested by rats and snakes because of the huge piles of the materials that also included discarded electrical wires.

A resident, Kamlawattie Sarju, 44, said the man had built a big shed about three years ago and whenever it rains the water would fall into her yard and lodge there.

The container that posed a danger to the students







She said too that oil from his vehicles would also flow into her yard and damage her kitchen garden.

The woman showed this reporter evidence of her produce blooming on one side of the yard. And on the other side close to the fence, she said the plants were stunted because of the oil.

She said too that recently she found a snake in her kitchen while her house is infested with huge rats that would destroy her furniture and make a mess in her house.

Kamlawattie Sarju stands in her garden where her plants were blooming on one side and stunted on the other








According to her, “Ah fed-up clean rat mess. Dem rat a run in this house like people and dem a beat meh pot cover like ya beat drum. As soon as meh put on the lights dem a disappear.”

She had spoken to the dealer about the oil and he denied responsibility. When she told him about the rats and snakes he responded that “he don’t mind them.”

Some residents said too that they cut cane for a living and some days when they need to take their rest a little late they are unable to.

The reason for that they said is because the man starts loading containers for export from 4 am, making a lot of noise and they cannot get to rest.

 The huge piles of scrap materials in the area


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