Murdered youth was financial provider for mother, siblings

The mother of 20-year-old Suresh ‘Black Boy’ Ramnarine who was murdered at Zeelugt, East Bank Essequibo following an argument with a friend said she has not just lost her eldest child but her financial provider.

Veelo, 37, is finding it hard to cope, lamenting that Ramnarine worked very hard from a young age and did not deserve such a cruel death.

Reports are that he sustained a single stab wound from behind and he collapsed to the ground bleeding.







Residents caught the suspect while he was reportedly hiding at a relative’s home and kept him until the police arrived.

His mother received word sometime after 1 pm that Ramnarine had been stabbed and that she should rush to the nearby street where the incident occurred.

The woman explained that her son was placed in a car and rushed to the Leonora Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

He had reportedly left home around 8 am to go to the home of a female friend, whom his mother never approved of and to find work on another boat.

According to Veelo, her son came back from the sea on Thursday and was expected to return on Saturday. He did not go then because he wanted to go on the boat that the attacker’s father captained.

However, the attacker, known as ‘Burnham’ told him that the boat was “full” and this reportedly sparked a misunderstanding between the two.

Veelo is speculating though that the attack could have arisen over the young woman that her son would normally visit when he is around.

She said her son would spend about eight days out at sea and every time he returned he would give her $20,000.

The money assisted her greatly to take care of her 17-year-old daughter Shena as well as five other children; ages 10, 9, 6, 3 and a nine-month-old baby from another union. The father of her five other children works on a provision truck for a small wage.

She said her son dropped out of the Vergenoegen Secondary School in first form at age 12 and would go and get fish for her to cook when the boats came in.

Around age 13 or 14 he started working out at sea but would return the same day or the following day. At the age of 16 he started going out in the deep sea and started staying for a longer time.

The distraught woman said she was never in favour of him working at sea because “sea don’t have back door.”

She told him too, “Boy you really like sea wuk, like yuh dead gon carry yuh at sea. Look how hard yuh wuk and look wah kind dead he get. That is not fair, me want justice.”

Ramnarine insisted that he liked it, mainly because he was earning a lot of money.


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